Meanjin was founded in 1940 in Brisbane by Clem Christesen. Currently based in Melbourne, we are committed to publishing the best new Australian writing*.

We publish fiction, essays, long-form journalism, poetry, memoir, interviews, and much else besides.

Meanjin pays 20c per word for prose published in the printed edition and $50 per work for poetry. 

Each author owns the copyright to his or her work while Meanjin holds copyright to the collection. All authors we publish are sent a detailed contract.


*Meanjin accepts submissions from outside of Australia, but we publish a majority of work from Australian or Australia-based writers.

Ends on December 30, 2016
We're looking for pocket cartoons in a New Yorker style for inclusion in Meanjin. No particular subject matter is sought after, but funny is good. Think life, politics, literature. Keep in mind we are a quarterly print publication, so anything too timely may already be out of date.

Please submit between three and five finished works, in one of the available formats (jpg, gif, png).

Cartoons in Meanjin are square and are published at 300dpi and 100mmx100mm. Please ensure you will be able to provide the artwork at these dimensions.